About the Author

rodney a brown photo credit HubsAbout the Author can be discerned by analysis of their experimentation and the products they devise_ For example_ in much the same way Langston Hughes explores aspects of Black life and socialization_education in Mother to Son_ writing_my life ain’t been no crystal stair_(Hughes_ 1922)_ Perhaps it is because this Author was born in the Appalachian mountain system tagged two for one_ nigga(er) and fag(got) (DDm_ 2019)_ that this Author composes from social circumstances _our own tumultuous and revolutionary age (Orwell_ 1946) _he(r) subject matter being determined by their queer_and times s(he) lives in_

Primarily this Author’s scholarship is Community Engaged Learning through artmaking_ Their work tends to deal with how Black primary source perspectives describe short-term possibilities_ immediate self-sustainable alternatives_ and_or ways of speculating far beyond or collective futures_ One example_ this Author’s recent New York City performances “Making Health Information Accessable with Dance Composition” initiated a project in progress that translates a constantly evolving oral HIV teacher training practice (Haniff_ Nesha Z_) into a movement based form (Ma with Brown_ 2015)_ An additional path of that process artwork includes text performance and choreography that illustrates Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)_ Daily PrEP to Prevent HIV_ and a Hepatitis C Virus health education training specifically designed for peer outreach to special needs and homeless populations_ These multidisciplinary creative process projects are also an example of how this Author imagines artwork as a manner of fugitivity fleeing from intolerable circumstances_

That this Author was reared conscientized (Freire_ 1970) in a particular way_ and grade school educated in the geological terrain literally marking division between slave or free peoples during the Civil War period_the Mason and Dixon line_the Ohio River borderlining northern territories from Confederate south and other America sectors form large swatches of the Ordavician pieces they are of_

The about of this Author is the plurality of these and other proximity relations_ Thus these relationships are also deep inside this Author_ especially how physical_ social and psychological component parts of Black living_which when read together create some singular convent of Blackness_out of which narrative repetitions of Black-lived experiences (oral histories become folktales are poems as typescenes) can be analyzed_and then arranged into something of a singular pre-eminent creative project that is an otherwise doing-for-ourselves now_ and [enactment with] one another now_ what no one has ever done for us_ (Hemphill_ 1993)_

Since this Author grew up being held up and also having to hold themselves down while colliding with separate and unequal educational and social service systems_ waves of culturally ignorant national drug policies on crack and opioid epidemics_ United States Veterans lives_ Black bodies with AIDS_ Black bodies on Black bodies violence_ federal surveillance of poor and woke bodies_ especially legalized brutality including government legislation leading to the murder and forced migrations of peoples_This author knows miracles_